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AGNI (pronounced as UG-nee) is a Sanskrit word meaning FIRE. AGNI Vedic God for fire stands for immortality and symbol of life. It is viewed as the life force in a healthy body, the power to digest foods, and innate in food. There is a lesser known definition- “digestive fire”- that is used in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda,  “the amount of Agni determines the state of health”. Even in cooking AGNI (Fire) is the base of the most of it.  This is how we acclaim our name

Enjoy the taste of Modern Indian food and at Agni nestled conveniently in Calgary’s Edmonton Trail. All preparation done with utmost Indian spices and ingredients from India’s culinary landscape. We infuse modern cooking techniques with traditional dishes to serve you the most exhilarating Indian meal. we have used the philosophy of Hinduism and the spirit of Indian cooking to create a menu that introduces our customers to the ‘Authentic Flavours of India’.

Menu has been crafted giving importance to both traditional and modern favourites, comes with a few surprises to add a layer of dimension and bold flavour. Our dream is to bring the soul of India to Calgary through AGNI’S delicacies.

If you love grilled meats, then AGNI is the perfect place to dine at as we marinate the meats overnight, skewer and grill them in a traditional North Indian clay oven, the TANDOOR.

Our effort is to satisfy your palates with authentic Indian flavors with a touch of tradition!